Excel Dashboard Training

Excel Dashboard Training

In this Excel dashboard course we will train you how to create dashboard in Excel by summarize the data in Excel worksheet.  We will explain using the Excel tables, the most efficient way to store and present the data in Excel as a dashboard. We will teach you pivot tables, several types of conditional formats, and how to summarize your data using charts.

Excel Dashboard Course uses very advanced functions of Pivot Table, Formulas, Several types of conditional formats, and how to summarize your data using charts. & Charts used for your management reports like Accounting, Finance, Profit & Loss, Sales & Marketing.

You can use Microsoft Excel Dashboard to generate automated reports of your each department and view under one file. You can view it as charts, tabular formate or index format.

After Excel Dashboard Course You will be able to know:

  • How to create dashboard in Excel
  • Link worksheet data to cells and shapes
  • Hide and filter table data
  • Changing the Excelprogram window to meet your needs

Excel Dashboard Training Outlines

Creating Advanced Formulas

  • Use Range Names in Formulas
  • Use Specialized Functions

Automating Workbook Functionality

  • Apply Data Validation
  • Work with Forms and Controls

Applying Conditional Logic

  • Use Lookup Functions
  • Combine Functions

Visualizing Data with Basic Charts

  • Create Charts
  • Modify and Format Charts

Advanced Charting Techniques

  • Use Advanced Chart Features
  • Create Sparklines

Analyzing Data with PivotTables, Slicers, and PivotCharts

  • Create a PivotTable
  • Analyze PivotTable Data
  • Present Data with PivotCharts
  • Filter Data by Using Slicers