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Data Analysis Using Microsoft WSQ Power BI Training Course

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Data Analysis Using Microsoft WSQ Power BI Training Course

Microsoft WSQ Power BI: Empower Your Organization with Interactive Business Analytics for Superior Data Visualization

  • Harness the power of WSQ Power BI tools to connect seamlessly with a wide array of data sources, enabling users to effortlessly manipulate data and perform real-time analyses.
  • This powerful platform supports the creation of comprehensive reports accessible on both web and mobile devices, customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.
  • With WSQ Power BI, individuals can design personalized dashboards that provide a unique 360-degree view of their business.
  • This tool is indispensable for business statistics analysis, aiding in thorough understanding and facilitating swift decision-making.

What You Will Learn

  • Arrange data presentations to highlight trends and correlations effectively.
  • Use suitable elements to create engaging and informative data displays.
  • Develop simple dashboards and scorecards for displaying both internal and external benchmark data.
  • Integrate interactive graphics, visuals, and technical features into data presentations.
  • Clearly communicate the limitations of the data and interpretations of the findings.

Target Audience

This course is designed for individuals in the IT sector who are either aspiring or currently working in roles that involve implementing modern techniques and creating dynamic visual displays. These displays use illustrative and interactive graphics to present patterns, trends, and analytical insights from data or new concepts strategically to the intended audience.
The primary demographic for this course includes recent graduates from Polytechnics or Universities and mid-career professionals seeking to switch careers. These learners are either current or aspiring IT professionals eager to build skills in selecting appropriate visualization techniques and developing dashboards that reflect data trends and findings. Additionally, individuals without formal educational qualifications but with significant relevant work experience may also be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Specifically, the target audience includes:

  • Business owners of start-up companies and SMEs.
  • Individuals aspiring to transition into data analytics roles.
  • Current Executives, Managers, Administrative Staff, Solopreneurs, and Data Analysts who want to learn how to create dashboard analytical reports using WSQ Power BI.

WSQ Microsoft Power BI Training Outline

Module 1: Fundamentals of Data Analytics and Power BI

  • Exploring Window and playing with cells
  • A quick history of Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • The development of Self-Service Business Intelligence
  • Introducing the Power BI suite
  • Power BI Service, Power BI desktop & Power BI Mobile
  • Introduction to Data Sources
  • What Data Sources can be used with PowerBI

Module 3: Working with Data and Defining a Business Case

  • Understanding data and defining business problem
  • Creating tables of data to use in PowerBI

Module 5: Column, Data and Date Transformations

  • Introduction to DAX
  • Creating simple SUM measures
  • Creating columns using the IF functions
  • Simple DAX functions
  • Using the X functions

Module 7: Creating Visualizations and Formatting

  • Overview of Visualizations
  • Creating and working with Visualizations
  • Creating a Bar Charts, Column Charts, Line Charts and other visualizations
  • Understanding Focus Mode
  • Axes, Data Labels, Titles & Data Colours
  • Backgrounds and Borders
  • Aligning visualizations
  • What is the right size for a visualization?

Module 9: Advanced Visualizations

  • Create Map Based Visualizations
  • Create a Gauge and Tree Map Visualizations
  • Importing Custom Visualizations
  • How do you choose the right visualization?

Module 11: Reports in PowerBI

  • Creating a report
  • Adding Multiple Pages to your Reports
  • Building a narrative in your report
  • Adding Shapes, Images & Text Boxes to reports
  • Using Natural Language Queries to make Visualizations
  • Create a Visual using Q&A
  • Understanding and using Quick Insights

Module 2: Data Normalization and Tables

  • What is Data Normalization?
  • Normalizing a dataset
  • Understanding Fact and Dimension Tables

Module 4: PowerBI Desktop – The Tool, Data Models and Relationships

  • Introducing PowerBI Desktop
  • Connecting to a data source
  • Building a data model
  • Setting the properties of data
  • Loading Table Relationships
  • Creating and Deleting Relationships
  • Using Query Editor

Module 6: Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

  • Introduction to DAX
  • Creating simple SUM measures
  • Creating columns using the IF functions
  • Simple DAX functions
  • Using the X functions

Module 8: Working with Filters

  • Creating a Slicer
  • Understanding and using the visualization pane for filtering
  • Creating Visual Field filters
  • Creating Top N Filters
  • Adding page level filters

Module 10: Understanding Visual Interactions

  • Why are Visual Interactions used in PowerBI? Why are they useful?
  • Types of Visual Interactions
  • Using Visual Interactions across visualizations

Training fee:

*Course fee before funding: $650.00/pax + 9% GST. GST rate will be applied for all registration made after 31st December 2023

WSQ Funding: (GST included)

*The funding amount mentioned is indicative and will be confirmed upon registration.

Course Fee Subsidies for SMEs


70% of Course Fees, Capped at $25/hr

WSQ Deductible: $455.00

Payable: $253.50 (including GST)

Passing Exam & Full Attendance required

Course Fee Subsidies for Non-SMEs



70% of Course Fees

50% of Course Fees

WSQ Deductible: $455.00

Payable: $253.50 (including GST)

WSQ deductible: $325.00

Payable $383.50 (including GST)

Passing Exam & Full Attendance required

Course Fee Subsidies for Self-sponsored Individuals



70% of Course Fees

50% of Course Fees

WSQ Deductible: $455.00

Payable: $253.50 (including GST)  (Can be offset by Skillsfuture credits if have)

WSQ deductible: $325.00

Payable $383.50 (including GST)   (Can be offset by Skillsfuture credits if have)

Passing Exam & Full Attendance required

Kindly note that you are required to achieve a minimum of 75% attendance and be certified competent in all the assessment components. Should you fail to meet the attendance/assessment requirements and/or terms and conditions of SSG’s funding, you will not be eligible for the course fee funding and will have to bear the full course fees.

Discount policy:

  •   3 pax from a same group: 5% discount for each person
  •   4 pax from a same group: 10% discount for each person

Assessment Plan:

  • Practical Performance: 1 Hour
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